August 9th, 2011

Why, hello again!

Today was a busy, but rainy, day. I got a lot of those lingering projects all finished, so that’s always a positive! As you can see, I’ve painted the artwork for our bedroom. Originally, I wanted to do the rubber doormat/paint project, where you spray through a doormat to make the awesome “iron work” pattern show on a canvas. After finding that our mat wouldn’t do the job and I wasn’t willing to spend at least $20 on a mat just to spray paint, that idea was out. Then, I wanted to use spray paint and painters tape to make a geometric pattern on the canvases, but that was veto’ed by the other human member of the household (Truman was definitely on board). So instead, I’ve created my awesome circle design.

I first “primed” the canvases with an antique white paint so that it’s not a stark white background. After the antique white dried, I prepped my paints for the circles. I used four different colors, sky blue, bright blue, grass green, and milk chocolate. Using objects like: a chipotle cup (seriously, both sides were perfect circles and great sizes), a bottle cap, a small paper cup, a take out cup plastic top (for the straw), I dipped them into plates fulled with the different colors and went to town. There was no rhyme or reason to where each color went, other than I did it by sight and what was pleasing. I tried to not have several circles of the same color in one spot, and I tried to vary the different sizes with the colors. I also made sure there were a few coming off of the canvas so it’s more of an “all over print” and a couple that bridged the space between the two canvases. I think all are happy about the paintings finally being done. Now just to hang them…

All WHILE this was happening, I was also doing several other things! I got the laundry completely done [but not folded, duh.] and started my classroom project. I hot glued each dust cover shut so that tomorrow, after I get my library in order, I can hang them from the ceiling at different heights. I had thought I would make a fun garland, but I think they all stand well on their own strings as a cluster, rather than a strung up decoration. 

I also finished my “peg board turned jewelry holder” by painting it with some left over paint from the art project. I decided that the frame was kind of ugly, and I really liked my paper and ribbon choice, so I used the left over green from the bedroom art to paint a few coats on the frame. I really like the green, and even though right now I’m just using clear pins, with some white cup hooks, it’s gonna be awesome!

[[[In other news, I also went to the two goodwills, one salvation army, and one restore store in town. Though I only found one awesome shirt for me, and one for S, I did learn a few things.]]]

A few things I learned today:

At goodwill, Hermes does NOT have an accent above the second E. I had to do a double take when I saw the label.

They also hoard countless amounts of pallets. I would like to steal a few so that I can make these.

Also at goodwill, slightly worn BCBG Maxazaria is only worth a couple bucks. Man I wish I could have worn that top to something…

Radio music is perfect for dancing while watching yourself in a mirror, as demonstrated by the 8 year old girl I saw at Goodwill.

Pumpkin jumpers should never be worn by teachers, I don’t care if they’re comfortable.

A Marisa dress (which can retail for over $1,500) can end up at Goodwill too. Gosh it was gorgeous.

Making a onesie with “Future Champ” and a Redskins helmet is setting that poor child up for failure (as much as I love the Skins, thanks Target). 

Kids still love getting ready for school, which was confirmed by the little boy so excited to be wearing his “big boy backpack” out of the store today. 

There are only four elements on the periodic table that are four letters long. Can you name them?

***Tomorrow is an earlier morning at school. I’m hoping that if I’m there from 10:30-3:30, I’ll really accomplish a lot. My goals are to finish putting together things in my desk and to get my library set up. Small sounding, but huge amounts of work. I’ll keep you posted…